Usually the prices are more favourable when booking through a local agency, but the major advantage is, that the local agent is present when a problem arises. You are a guest in our country and that exactly how you will be treated.

The services we can provide are the following:

Your accommodation -reservations  practically all over Greece

Your excursions and tours – private and group tours, either guided or not and their transportation.

Olive Sea Travel offers a wide range of individual private urs if this selection is not what you were asking for we will be glad to help you customize your tour (Greece option only).  If you want a totally different itinerary of those offered in our private tours section, please contact us with your request and we will do our best to satisfy it.

Yes, by adding your request on our Facebook page in order to find other clients willing to share a tour with you. It may prove a great opportunity to make new friends and share the cost of the tour. Check here for other people willing to share a private tour in Greece.

The majority of the tours and services provided by Olive Sea Travel are available in English only.  In some cases, you may be able to select a language option (where available). In some cases the tour can be conducted in two languages.

Our drivers will take you to archaeological sites or museums, and explain the main points of the history of the monuments. Drivers are not professional licensed tour guides, and by law cannot guide you inside the sites and museums. In this case a guide may be obtained through us.

Our prices are not per person. Our prices are per vehicle. This applies to private tours only.

Olivesea uses ALPHA BANK  for handling all the payments. Alpha bank uses  the Secure Sockets Layer (“SSL”) supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer and all other popular browsers. SSL encrypts your personal information such as your password, address and telephone number, and your credit card is available only to you and the credit card companies. This encryption makes doing business on the Internet as secure as making purchases by telephone.

The Transport Voucher you received by email is your receipt, or you can have one upon service.

MEETING INSTRUCTIONS: After your landing, just follow the EXIT signs and walk outside the main gate, where your driver/guide will be waiting for you holding a sign with your name on it. It can be that there will be a lot of people waiting for their friends or relatives or even other transfer companies. Therefore, please do not leave the main exit gate (inside the airport). Look carefully and you will see your driver/guide holding your nameplate.

If your aircraft or ship company makes an itinerary change or you lose your flight for any reason and you arrive into a scheduled flight on an alternate date, please do not assume that your trip has been cancelled.

Your reservation will be scheduled for the new date. Please send a new e-mail to reconfirm the new date or a SMS text message to the above cell phone on time: (0030) 6936138135

Our times are in local Greek time. If you have questions about your time in airport or port, please direct your questions to your flight attendant or ship purser.

You may book any number of tours available for any destination, depending upon your available time. If you are booking more than one tour in the same city, please allow sufficient time in between tours, to allow for traveling between departure points. Each tour must be booked separately, as each individual tour requires a separate confirmation, voucher and credit card transaction.

  1. Cruise terminal: There are two cruise terminals on the port of Piraeus, called terminal A and terminal B. If your ship arrives at terminal A or terminal B, please disembark and walk outside the main gate, where our driver will be waiting for you holding a sign with your name on it. If your ship arrives at terminal B (also known as “Kanelos terminal”), and the main gate is closed, then and ONLY then you will need to take the shuttle bus to terminal A (two minutes ride), where our driver will be waiting for you holding a sign with your name on it.
  2. Islands Terminal: Please disembark and walk outside the main gate, where your driver/guide will be waiting for you holding a sign with your name on it.

If you have any problems please call us at (0030) – 6936 -138135.

This information can be found in either the Terms & Conditions field on the tour information page, or at the bottom of most pages, under the link Terms & Conditions.

It may be possible to amend your booking, however this depends upon the type of amendment required and is at the discretion of the travel service provider. Contact Olivesea customer care department with your current booking number and specific details of your amendment, and we will be able to advise if the change/amendment is possible.

Olive Sea Travel charges the same rate for all occupied seats.

Taxis in Greece are licensed to carry 4 passengers. They will fit in a taxi, but 3 passengers will be more comfortable. You can take four pieces of luggage, about 25kg each or 45×55 cm, plus two handbags inside a taxi.

Private Transfers are direct to your hotel.

Please contact us on the number provided on your e-mail or above. We will then arrange to have it returned to you. A charge may apply.

We can inform you on your e-mail after your inquiry. These times may vary depending on the service booked, at peak times, or if road conditions are poor.

Only by prior to arrangement made with us and only if you are traveling on a Private Tour. Subject to availability, additional surcharges may apply.

We are sorry but we do not offer travel insurance. Please contact your insurance advisor or broker.

It depends on where you want to go.

The best months to visit the islands are May, June, early July, September and early October. Avoid the dates July 20th to August 20th which are the busiest of the tourist season, and late October because the weather gradually becomes rough and sea transportation becomes dependent on the weather.

If you want to visit the mainland, then March, April, May, June, September and October are suitable months. July and August are very warm and busy.

………………Jan         Feb        Mar        Apr         May        Jun           Jul           Aug        Sep        Oct         Nov        Dec

High °C     13           14           17           20           25           30           33           34           29           24           19           15

High °F     55           57           63           68           77           86           91           93           84           75           66           59

Low °C       7              7              9            12           16           21           24           24           20           16           12           9

Low °F      45           45           48           54           61           70           75           75           68           61           54           48

It depends on the time of the year and the kind of holiday you have booked. There are dress codes at religious centers. In all cases, bring good, comfortable shoes, sunglasses and a hat.

Overall E.U. nationals and USA/Canadian citizens do not need a visa. For specific information, please contact the appropriate consulate or embassy in your country and visit the visas section on the website of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A passport may be needed to enter Synagogues (tracing my religion tour) for security reasons.

No vaccinations or immunizations are needed when traveling to Greece.

Most airlines require a medical certificate stating fitness to travel for pregnancies of over 28 weeks on the date of return travel. For pregnancies of over 32 weeks on the date of return travel, permission to fly is normally refused. Wheelchairs can usually be pre-arranged (adequate notice is 2 weeks minimum).

The world’s airlines carry over 800 million pieces of luggage in a year so it is not surprising that occasionally luggage may go missing, although usually this is only temporary. Should you find at your arrival airport that your baggage is missing or in any way damaged, you should immediately report the matter to the airline representative in the Baggage Reclaim area and complete a Property Irregularity Report (PIR). Please ask for one if it is not given to you, as this is your proof that you have reported the loss or damage. Such evidence is required by insurance companies should you need to make a claim on your return home.

All the airlines have handling agents. They will arrange for any luggage to be forwarded to your resort address.

E.U. Nationals: No

All other nationalities: Yes.

220 V (an adapter may be needed for most visitors).

Time in Greece is GMT/UTC +2:00

You may refer to our calendar.

You can check the availability of a tour by clicking on the View Price Guide link. This will open a popup that shows the availability for the tour or attraction. Select the month in which the public holiday falls to see if the tour is available on that day. Please note that public holidays vary throughout many destinations where we offer travel services. Some travel service providers may decide at short notice not to operate on certain public holidays. This will be advised at booking if applicable.

European Emergency Number

(reachable also by mobile phones)


Doctors on call




Tourist Police


Greek National Tourism Organisation


First Aid


Fire Brigade


Airport of Athens (“Eleftherios Venizelos”)


US Embassy (Athens)


UK Embassy (Athens)


Canadian Embassy (Athens)


Australian Embassy (Athens)


Domestic airfare: age groups entitled to discounts are children under the age of 12.

Domestic ferries: age groups entitled to discounts are children from age 4-10. Children under 4 are free of charge, when not occupying a bed in a cabin.

Domestic hydrofoils/catamarans: age groups entitled to discounts are children from age 4 to 10. Children under 4 are free of charge, when not occupying a seat.

Hydrofoil (also met as “Flying Dolphin”): fast passenger only vessel (speed of about 30 knots, capacity of about 100 passengers)

Catamaran: fast passenger and car vessels. There are two main types travelling in the Greek seas: the HighSpead ones (capacity of about 650 passengers and 70 vehicles) and the smaller FlyingCat and SeaJet ones (about 400 passengers, no cars). Catamarans travel at a maximum speed of about 40 knots.

Regular Ferries: These travel at an average speed of 20 – 25 knots and carry about 1500 -2200 passengers and 200- 700 cars.

See also our ticketing information page.

All major credit cards (Master card, Visa, American Express) are accepted in Greece, but small restaurants and shops may only accept cash. Bring enough cash for the first days to cover expenses and the rest in Traveller’s Cheques or use your credit card. ATM’s are widely available.

GR: International 2-letter code of Greece

EUR ( € ): International 3-letter code for Euro

+30: when calling Greece, dial 0030 and then the area code and the number (e.g. 0030-210-9227772).

If you are calling from the USA or Canada dial 01130 and then the area code and the number (e.g. 01130-210-9227772).

Some email internet providers may mark general booking emails such as those sent from Olivesea as “spam” – please check your spam folder for previous email replies. If you have your spam filter set on the highest ranking, only emails from senders in your address box will go into your inbox. Any other emails (such as replies from internet sites you have booked on) will go into a “spam” folder. These emails can sit in this folder for up to 7 days and then your email system will automatically delete them.

Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team who will be happy to help!